Microbiological Incubators and Chambers

Microbiological incubators and chambers are equipments that can be used in the research laboratory, service laboratory and in industries.

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CO2 - O2 Incubators

CO2/O2 incubators provide uniform temperatures and highly stable CO2 and O2 environments necessary for the maintenance of cell samples, whether for the study of cell cultures, tissues, microbiology, food analysis, among other areas.

Heating drying sterilization ovens

Ovens are essential in any laboratory, where high temperatures generate dry heat for the drying and sterilization of material, with the death of microorganisms by oxidation and cellular dehydration. Models with natural or forced convection airflow.

Microbiological Incubators

Microbiological incubator that have excellent incubation conditions for the cultivation of bacteriological cultures. Culture monitoring through an internal glass door. High temperature accuracy and excellent temperature distribution in the internal chambers, which have easy surfaces for cleaning and decontamination.

Refrigerated Microbiological incubators

Refrigerated incubation ovens are ovens with forced convection with temperature and time control by microprocessor, with or without a glass door. Models with different volume capacities.

Vacuum ovens

Vacuum drying ovens with the possibility of air extrusion from the chamber by inert gas, avoiding oxidation processes of sensitive substances, but also in material used in chemical, pharmaceutical industries, among others. Multifunctional equipment that, in addition to helping to prevent oxidation, allows the decontamination of samples and accelerates the degassing process.