Parasites in Humans

Diagnostic kits that allow the detection of parasites in human samples.

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PanReal Kit Fungi & Bacteria

Detection of ITS2 region of fungi and the 16S rDNA of bacteria

ParoReal Kit Acanthamoeba T4

Detection of the 18S rRNA gene of Acanthamoeba genotype T4

Real Time PCR Detection Kit Borrelia burgdorferi

Borrelia burgdorferi detection test kit by using qPCR. Borrelia burgdorferi is a bacterial species of the Spirochaetes phylum and it is a tick-borne obligate parasite whose normal reservoir is a variety of small mammals. Infection of these natural hosts does not lead to disease, but infection of humans can result in Lyme disease, as a consequence of the human immunopathological response to B. burgdorferi.

Real Time PCR Detection Kit Plasmodium spp.

Plasmodium spp. detection test kit by using qPCR. Plasmodium are obligate parasites of vertebrates and insects. The vertebrate hosts include mammals, birds, and reptiles and Plasmodium must pass between a vertebrate and an insect host to complete their life cycles. It is responsible for a disease called malaria.

Real Time PCR Detection Kit Toxoplasma gondii

Toxoplasma gondii detection test kit by using qPCR. Toxoplasma gondii is capable of infecting virtually all warm-blooded animals, but felids are the only known definitive hosts in which the parasite can undergo sexual reproduction. In most adults, it does not cause serious illness, but it can cause blindness and mental retardation in congenitally infected children and devastating disease in immunocompromised individuals.

Real Time PCR Detection Kit Trichomonas vaginalis

Trichomonas vaginalis detection test kit by using qPCR. Trichomonas vaginalis is transmitted sexually and it is the most common pathogenic protozoan infection in industrialized countries. The disease has a broad range of symptoms ranging from a state of severe inflammation to a relatively asymptomatic carrier state. In most complicated cases, T. vaginalis is associated with many perinatal complications, genitourinary tract infections, and an increased incidence of HIV transmission.

Real Time PCR Detection Kit Trypanosoma spp.

Trypanosoma spp. detection test kit by using qPCR. Trypanosoma spp. infect a variety of different vertebrates, including animals and humans. The majority of species are transmitted by blood-feeding invertebrates, but there are different mechanisms among the varying species. Trypanosomes infect a variety of hosts and cause various diseases. This design detects the majority of Trypanosoma species, but excludes T. congolense, T. vivax and Trypanozoon.