PCR and Laminar Flow Chambers

PCR and Laminar Flow Chambers are equipments that can be used in the research laboratory, service laboratory and in industries.

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Class II biological safety chambers

Class II biological safety chambers are ideal laminar flow chambers to protect the operator, the product and the environment. The cabin operates with negative pressure, preventing the release of contaminated air into the environment. Designed to offer total protection, the air circulating inside the chamber is filtered by a HEPA filter (99.999% efficiency), and the fresh air is also filtered through another HEPA filter. They also have an air speed compensation system before the resistance increases by the filter and alarms in case of electrical supply failures. These cameras are used in different areas of research, such as microbiology, virology and genetics and in the various service laboratories, where moderate biological risk samples are handled.

Horizontal and vertical laminar flow chambers

Laminar flow chambers are designed to restrict an enclosed workspace in the laboratory with forced air circulation inside. The airflow passing through a HEPA filter protects the operator and the working sample from contamination. There are horizontal laminar flow chambers (direction of filtered air horizontally, ensuring protection of the biological materials handled) and vertical laminar flow (direction of filtered air downwards vertically, guaranteeing operator protection against possible risk contaminants). Equipped with long-lasting white light lamps and UV lamps for sterilization.

PCR UV chambers

Ozone-free, high-density UV decontamination PCR chambers with long-life lamps and UV lamps that automatically turn off when the protection panel is opened. UV irradiation disinfects the work area by inactivating DNA/RNA fragments during a 15 to 30 minute exposure. The cameras have low noise and low power consumption.